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Why your hair won’t grow past a certain point!

You may be finding your hair won’t grow past a certain length, or maybe your roots are showing and your hair doesn’t look any longer? It can often appear that our hair gets stuck at a certain point and we need to give it a boost to continue growing. If this is affecting you, you need to read on.

Why your hair may have stopped growing


On average, a person’s hair will grow six inches every year. If you are not caring for your hair, effectively it will be breaking off at the same rate in which it is growing. If you lack the nutrients your hair needs, you will have more breakage. Add a supplement to your morning routine to increase the biotin and other active ingredients your hair needs to maintain strength.

Habits that may contribute to brittle hair


If you are frequently getting highlights, this can lead to breakage as the chemicals remove natural oils. The colouring of your hair lifts the outer cuticle of your hair which in turn makes hair frizzy, brittle and even dry.

Applying heat

Using hot tools on your hair affects growth every time you do it. Applying heat can only accelerate the damage and speed up the hair drying process. Giving your hair a break will help to regain strength, which will help hair grow.

Not being gentle

If you are too aggressive with hair, especially when it is wet, this can be contributing to the breakage. If you tie your hair up when wet, this is going to pull out loose strands.

Split ends

When you have split ends due to your hair not receiving the nutrients it needs. The split does go higher up the hair, so your hair will be growing at the root but breaking off at the ends, which makes you think your hair is stuck at one length. Read how to deal with split ends here. 


Age can be a significant factor in stopping your hair growth. Heat styling, colouring, bleaching and occasional poor diet may have caused an effect on your hair as you grow older. As you get older, the scalp produces less oil which can mean hair becomes dryer and more prone to breakage, as well as being thinner. To combat this, it is recommended to massage your scalp to stimulate blood floor and take a supplement to support your body.


Like with your skin, it’s important to treat our hair from within to achieve maximum results. A diet that is high in vitamins will be nourishing for your scalp. Zinc, vitamin D and iron are all essential for healthy hair.

Here are some foods to eat for maximum hair health:

  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Chicken
  • mushrooms
  • wholegrains
  • pumpkin seeds
  • turkey

Product build up

A healthy scalp means healthy care. A product can collect on the scalp can cause hair growth to become stuck; if the hair follicles are blocked, it naturally cannot grow. If the product builds up, opt for a clarifying shampoo to wash away product.

We hope this post has helped you discover the reasons why your hair growth may have stopped.

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