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how cold weather affects your skin and hair

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Why cold weather harms your skin and hair

Jumpers, coats, scarfs are all brought out at this time of year, but make sure you aren’t ignoring your body’s outermost layer. Your skin and hair routines need to change from summer to winter. If you want to ensure your skin is looked after and your hair is glossy, you first need to know the effect winter has on your body. 


The sudden change of temperature from indoor heating to the cold outside temperatures can have a significant impact on your hair. It can cause hair to lose its shine and can feel brittle. Studies have shown an increase in dandruff is more common. Along with an increased hair loss. (with 150-200 strands a day being the norm)

how cold weather affects your hair

1.Dry hair

In the winter the air does become drier. Drier air wreaks havoc on our hair by decreasing the moisture on our locks as it can cause the cuticle of the hair strand to lift. The nasty byproduct of this dryness is dandruff. Skin, Hair & Nails contains nutrients that contribute to the maintenance of normal skin and hair

2. Split ends

With the dryer air causing more brittle strands, your hair is more prone to breakage and split ends. You may want to book in a few extra trips to the hairdresser and ease up on the use of hot tools.

3. Hair loss

You are more likely to lose hair during this season, due to the lack of hydration and humidity than during the warmer months. Also if you wear a hat, they cause stress and friction, and you could be pulling out strands every time you take it on and off. You could be losing 150-200 strands a day in this cold weather.


Our skin likes consistency and change in climate can be a real shock to the system. As we move from Autumn to Winter, temperatures can drop to below freezing quite suddenly, meaning your skin has to work harder to maintain hydration.

how winter affects your skin

1. Dry skin

The most significant effect colder weather has on our skin is causing it to dry out. The cold temperatures bring low humidity, and the cold winds can also strip moisture out of the exposed surface. A lot of skin conditions such as eczema can flare up during the winter and suffer from red and even peeling skin. To treat a mild case of dry skin at home, read our top tips here for how to protect yourself against cold weather.

2. Acne flare-ups

In some cases, you may find you have more breakouts at this time of year. Acne is formed as a result of hair follicles becoming blocked with dead skin cells. As the sebaceous oil that protects the skin from these bacterial infections is reduced in the winter, it allows bacteria to enter the surface more easily.

3. Cracked lips

The lack of humidity in the atmosphere during the winter months is what causes chapped and cracked lips.

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