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What Love Island has taught us about beauty

If you love it or hate it, Love Island has gripped the nation for the past month and even we can’t resist keeping up with #Jani and how loyal Georgia is! But Love Island has taught us a lot of things about beauty and hair, so we wanted to share them with you.

1. Look after your skincare (especially in the Sun)

We all love to enjoy the sunshine, with this some of us can get a lot of pigmentation from the sun’s UV rays. Laura has a lot of freckles since being on the show, and this is due to a large amount of time spent outside in the villa, they may look cute; however, it is essential to protect our skin and use a strong SPF. You may want to add a supplement into your routine to take extra care of your skincare, our skin, hair & nails targets all areas.

2. Less makeup is more

While we all love wearing false lashes and a bright red lip, we enjoy when the villa girls are looking wholly natural and fresh-faced. In the warmer weather, as makeup can make your skin very oily and make your pores very clogged up, so even more reason to let that natural beauty radiate.

3. Don’t match your eyebrows

We’ve spent years being told that our hair color needs to be the same as our eyebrows, but when Meghan came into the villa, we all fell in love with her iconic look. Dark brows and blonde hair are a winner here so don’t be afraid to break the beauty rules.

4. The Sun and Sea take its toll on hair.

The sun rays do fade hair color which means your hair will leak moisture, causing it to look a little dry and lifeless, make sure to keep your hair moisturized, there are lots of hair masks and conditioners on the market which are great to take to the villa.

5. Take a collagen drink

kadymcdermott love island
Kady Mcdermott who was on Love Island in 2016 uses our Skin, Hair & Nails and who wouldn’t want skin like Kady’s?

Summer takes its toll on our skin and hair, so we need to provide our bodies with extra vitamins to support this. The girls on the villa have a very laid back skincare routine, which makes taking a supplement even more ideal as you can relax while on holiday knowing your skin is being taken care of. Collagen is the most naturally occurring protein in the body and Skin, Hair & Nails has more collagen per bottle than any other supplement.

So tell us, What has Love Island taught you about beauty? Who do you want to win?

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