Ways to avoid the winter blues -
tips to beat the winter blues

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Ways to avoid the winter blues

With the dark, cold mornings and evenings, it can be challenging to avoid feeling down or less energised than usual. We’ve put together some tips to help you feel on top of your game this winter.

ways to beat the winter blues

1. Get moving

Exercise is always important, but it is especially key during the winter months. Get down to the gym, get on your bike or head to your nearest swimming pool. Studies have shown to improve your mood, you need to be having, high intensive exercise four times a week. Grab your running shoes and head on out the door.

2. Stick to a sleep routine

As the mornings get darker, this can make it very tempting to snooze your alarm and sleep in. It’s important to keep your wake up routine similar on weekdays and weekends, no matter how tempting. Make sure you are getting at least seven hours sleep every night and create a soothing bedtime ritual to wind down. Switch off all technology an hour before bed, pick up a good book and make your bedroom a relaxing zone so you can switch off.

top tips to beat the winter blues

3. Wake up with a supplement

We need to give our bodies some extra TLC in the winter, so now is the perfect time to add a supplement such as Skin, Hair & Nails to your morning routine. It contains Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin & Resveratrol + 5 Other Active Ingredients formulated to improve your skin. The 50ml daily bottles are an ideal breakfast accompaniment so that you can give yourself the best start to the day.

4. Get Vitamin D

We all know a lack of sunlight can affect our mood and winter has a considerable lack of light. Turning on your lamps and overhead lights, particularly when you get up in the morning, can help you feel better. You could also buy a light box which doctors recommend sitting by for 30 minutes each morning to boost your vitamin D levels.

5. Eat a serotonin-boosting diet

You may find yourself craving refined carbohydrates and sugar as the weather gets cooler as a form of ‘comfort food’. However, by eating foods such as eggs, cheese, pineapples, salmon, nuts and seeds, tofu and turkey can help boost your Serotonin levels which are known to boost your mood.

6. Make your bed

An effortless way to feel accomplished and ready for the day. It will also keep you from diving back under the covers.

7. Take a winter trip

A great way to pick yourself up is by having a trip to look forward too. If you can’t stand the cold and need some sun, book a winter sun holiday or just a UK weekend break. A change of scenery can do a lot for boosting your mood.

8. Limit your caffeine

If you are feeling zapped of energy, you may want to reach for a coffee. However, caffeine spikes your insulin levels and drops blood sugar levels which can lead to even more fatigue and lead to feeling dehydrated.

If you are looking to boost your energy in the morning, read our quick & easy breakfast ideas to start your morning the right way.

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