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tips for cracked, brittle nails

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Tips for restoring cracked, brittle nails

People say that your fingernails are one of the first things people notice, so you want to make a good impression. Unfortunately, a lot of us suffer from cracked, brittle nails so we’eve put a post together with some tips on how to get your nails in good health and looking perfectly manicured all the time.

tips for cracked, brittle nails

1.Soak in olive oil

If you find your nails are prone to breaking and are weak, soak them in olive oil 10-15 minutes a day for a month. This works so well as oils do a better job of soaking into the nail bed than a cream will. This is great as it’s an inexpensive way to help repair nail strength at home.

2. Use a cuticle cream

It’s really important to look after your cuticles when looking at nail health, as they can dry out if you have a lot of manicures or from frequent handwashing if they do split this can also cause nail infections. Use a soothing cuticle cream will help nourish dry nails. Most cuticle creams contain Vitamin E which is great for damaged nails.

3. Increase your Biotin levels

Several studies have found that Biotin can help strengthen brittle nails, making them less likely to break or split. This could also result in you seeing more growth in your nails. There are Biotin-rich foods you can add to your diets, such as eggs, cauliflower, avocado and whole grains. However, if you still feel your Biotin levels may be low, you can take a supplement.  Every bottle of Skin, Hair & Nails 7.5ug of Biotin.

4. Try to minimise the use of water

Soaking your hands in water can cause your nails to weaken and become brittle. If you can, try and keep hands out of the water as much as possible when having a bath and also wear gloves when washing up. ( or it’s the perfect excuse for someone else to do it!)

5. Drink more water

Drinking water and keeping hydrated is beneficial to all areas of your body and this includes your nails as they will retain moisture and stay strong. A lack of moisture will mean nails can break and peel too easily.

6. Be careful of products

Nail polish remover than contain Acetone and some treatments can contain harsh chemicals which can actually damage the nail and cuticles. Check the ingredients of the nail products you are buying, such as nontoxic nail polishes and acetone- free nail polish remover which are much more gentle on your skin.

7.  Moisturise

Make sure you always have a hand cream on hand or by your sink, this will remind you to moisturise everytime you wash your hands, this is especially important when the weather gets cooler as this tends to dry out hands even more and cause cracked skin. In addition to this if you use a hand sanitizer to keep germs at bay, be careful not to overdo it as it does dry out nails and can cause them to be quite brittle. tips for cracked, brittle nails

8. Increase your iron

If you find your nails are concave this could be due to low iron levels. Iron forms haemoglobin, that moves red blood cells to your nails, without this you will find you experience a lack of nail growth.


So there are some tips on how to keep your hands looking healthy and keeping nails manicure ready. It’s important to keep nails in good condition, as your hands actually reveal a lot about your health. You can also change up your diet to help keep your nails healthy, read our post here. 


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