The top 4 things to do to stick to your New Years resolutions -
tips for sticking to your new years resolution

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The top 4 things to do to stick to your New Years resolutions

New years resolutions are something to be celebrated. You are starting the year on the right foot and wanting to better yourself is such a positive step. Unfortunately, the ‘actually doing it’ is a lot harder than the ‘wanting to do it’. Some statistics suggest that 80% of people who make resolutions are already off track by February. So how do you stay in the successful 20%?

1. Be specific

Without a clear goal in mind, you will never be able to stick to it. Also, make sure it is achievable, so you aren’t setting yourself up to fail. Instead of cutting out all sugar, resolve to eat more fruit and vegetables or instead of signing up to the gym resolve to move a little each day.

2. Tell your family & friends

By saying your goal out loud, you are far more likely to achieve it, even if it is something as simple as maintaining a skincare routine. By letting your friends and family know, they can support and offer encouragement if you are finding it hard to keep your resolution. Perhaps your friend may want to share the same goal, and you can work on it together.

3. Write it down

Doing this will help bring you clarity. By writing it down and reading your resolution when you first wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep, it will stay at the forefront of your mind and will keep you feeling motivated.

how to stick to your new years resolution

4. Celebrate success

Celebrate all your victory along your journey and not just the result. Positive emotions help maintain your motivation. So remind yourself of all the milestones you have already passed and treat yourself, take yourself for dinner, buy yourself a treat or relax in a bubble bath.

how to stick to your new years resolution

To stick to your resolutions, you may need to keep motivation high, read our top tips for being motivated in the morning. 

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