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the importance of double cleansing

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The importance of double cleansing

Skincare routines are to be taken very seriously. Prepping your skin for the day ahead or bed is an excuse for some ‘me time’ too. We wanted to share a guide to double cleansing and the reasons you need to do it.

Double cleansing has been a massive trend in the last year with support from lots of skincare experts. This is of high importance to remove any grime and makeup that has been on your skin throughout the day. Not removing this before going to sleep, can result in acne, breakouts and even cysts. Double cleansing, therefore, does a more intense job. First, it lifts makeup and dirt from the skin and washes them away on the second cleanse.

How to double cleanse

Step 1

First, you need to use an oil-based cleanser or micellar water to remove any makeup and oil that has established itself during the day. These oil-based products work by breaking down the sebum of the skin, while still being very gentle. To apply this, sweep over skin using a cotton pad in an upward movement, without forgetting the neck and chin area.

Step 2

After removing any surface oil and grime, you can then go in with your second cleanse. Opt for a cleanser which has a good lathering ability to dive deeper into the pores. Wash in an upwards and outwards direction to achieve maximum results.  Then pat skin dry before applying your moisturiser.

If you are finding your skin has been suffering from breakouts, it may be time to change up your skincare routine.  

The benefits

So why does cleansing need to be a two-step process? Apart from meaning you can spend a few more minutes relaxing in the bathroom, it does have significant benefits for your skin.

  • Deeper clean – When you wear foundation or heavier makeup, double cleansing can ensure the layer of powder is removed, and the cleanser can get to your skin and pores to work. Without this, you may find skin loses lack-lustre and glow.


  • Brightening – Double cleansing can help lift the complexion and revive glowing skin by removing any dead skin cells that are sitting on the surface.


  • Effectiveness – Double cleansing will also ensure any moisturisers and serums get their way into the pores more effectively, therefore boosting how well they will work and helping to relieve any dryness on the skin.


When to double cleanse

It is recommended to double cleanse at the end of the day even if you aren’t a daily makeup wearer. However, if you find you suffer from overly dry or sensitive skin, you need to be careful not to cause even more skin dehydration. You can do this by following the first cleanse with just a water rinse so to protect the skin that bit more. Acne-prone and oily skin types tend to benefit the most from double cleansing. If you aren’t sure on your skin type, you can find out here.

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