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The 2019 skincare trends you’ll need this year

Skincare is always changing! Even if you don’t want to keep up with the current trends, it’s important to know what is out there and what your skin may benefit from. We’ve pulled together some of the most significant trends and products you will see in 2019, so you can get your skin in the best condition yet.

Beauty from the inside out

With the increasing popularity of wellness and self-care. It’s time for you to not only treat their skin from the surface but to also add supplements to your routine. Supplements like Skin, Hair & Nails are excellent at providing your body with nutrients that your skin needs. They are easy to take and contain key nutrients such as collagen, biotin and hyaluronic acid.

Multi-tasking products

In 2019 we will say farewell to the complex skincare routines we have spent many hours on. Instead, we will look at using fewer products, with harder working ingredients. It’s a significant step forward for skincare. Using a multi-tasking product can save you money by buying fewer products that achieve more comprehensive results.


In 2019 protecting against the damaging effects of pollution on our skin, may become of equal importance and essential as sun protection. Pollution is very harmful to the surface; it can lead to pigmentation and premature ageing. We are going to have to start using products which can help combat this.

Total body skin care

We are going to be seeing more products that aid your whole body, and not just your face. Products that target and treat your entire body (inside and out) will become more popular, as we move to a more holistic approach.

SPF importance

The importance of SPF, and protecting our skin from the UV rays, is going to continue to grow. Keep looking out for makeup, lotions and other products that contain SPF.


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