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Easy Summer hairstyles and essential hair products

Days get longer, and life gets better in the Summer. That is until you have to deal with the heat and how it affects your hair. The last thing you want to do is spend time doing your hair when spending time outside in the heat wave is going to ruin it. We’ve put together some Summer hairstyles and products to make your hair gorgeous.

A Low, sleek ponytail

We love how polished this looks and helps keep away any frizz which may occur because of the humidity. To keep your hair in the best condition for this hairstyle, we recommend using a good moisturising conditioner as this will ensure hair looks glossy. You could also add a supplement to your routine like skin, hair, and nails. A lot of beauty bloggers have said it helped promote hair growth and made it very shiny.

A Chunky top knot

Summer hair essentials

The messy texture of this hairstyle ensures it is modern, but its practical for summer as keeps your hair away from your face. A hairspray and bobby pins will be your best friend to pull off a style like this.

Beach waves

summer hair essentials

To create this look, you need super glossy hair like with the ponytail, using a supplement with a multitasking serum will mean you don’t have to sacrifice shine by weighing down your curls. Also, use a heat defence spray to protect your hair from any damage.

French Braids

If your fringe is prone to looking a little wet in the summer months, an easy way to resolve this is to french braid your fringe. Use dry shampoo for extra staying power.

summer hair essentials


What is your favourite summer hairstyle? Have you read our post about how to survive the heatwave and keep your skin happy?

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