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Spring skincare tips for brides-to-be

You’ve sent the invites, picked out your dress, but have you given any thought to your skin? Often in the madness of wedding planning, you can forget about the extra TLC your skin needs. Chances are you want your skin to look luminous and blemish free. These tips are suitable for any skin type to help you achieve your best skin on your big day.

How to perfect your wedding day beauty

1. Asses the situation

You need first to find out your skin type; you can do that here. Knowing your skin type will help you tailor your skincare routine. It’s also important to identify what you want to deal with on your skin; maybe you have under eye circles or the appearance of fine lines which you want to deal with.

2. Exfoliate from head to toe

Winter is over and as we head into warmer weather, let’s get rid of any dead skin which could be clogging up and preventing your glow. It’s a super idea to add this to your regular schedule especially in the run-up to the wedding. Also, don’t forget to use a lip scrub, you will want those to be as smooth as possible for that ‘kiss the bride’ moment. Elbows, knees and feet tend to suffer the most from dry skin so pay particular care here.

3. Moisturise

Moisturise your skin morning and night to aid in hydration and ensure skin is smooth. Opt for an anti ageing or sensitive moisturiser depending on your skin type and your skin concern.

4. Supplement

During the lead up to your wedding day, you want to give your skin, hair and nails as much extra care as possible. You want to ensure these aspects are getting the nutrients they need if your diet is lacking. LQ Skin, Hair & Nails contains collagen, biotin, hyaluronic acid and many other scientifically formulated ingredients to target these areas. Your wedding day is a perfect time to treat yourself.

5. Practice self-tanner

One of the biggest days of your life shouldn’t be the day you try out a new beauty routine. Work on your tan in the weeks up to your wedding to prevent any tan mishaps. This way you can get the sun-kissed look you want, without the holiday.

6. Perk up your eyes

You don’t want your eyes to look tired and drab on your wedding day, so an eye cream is essential for helping to reduce the look of under eye bags, puffiness and any under eye wrinkles. If you do wake up on the day with puffy eyes, a cold spoon applied to your eyes will help to reduce any immediate puffiness. How to reduce the appearance of fine lines. 

7. Pamper yourself

Why not try for weekly face masks leading up to the wedding – the downtime may do you good. Read our DIY face masks recipes here. These masks can help draw out any pollution and dirt and reduce the look of dull skin. It’s also a great chance to relax.


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