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Spring Rehab for Hair: How to Revive Your Locks After Winter

After a long, harsh Winter season, you’ve probably noticed that the weather has done a number on your hair. Freezing temperatures, combined with dry air and high winds, can leave hair looking and feeling dry, damaged, and dull.

With Spring finally here, you can focus on once again making your hair vibrant and healthy without worrying about the cold winter conditions affecting it.

Tips for reviving your damaged winter hair

The first step in reviving your damaged Winter hair is to examine your daily hair care routine – you may find that your regimen requires some fine tuning. Shampooing your hair less can have major benefits for your hair, especially when it’s feeling dry and lifeless. Changing your shampooing schedule to a few times a week will allow you to start bringing your hair back to life by letting your scalp building up its natural oils and operate at maximum efficiency. If your hair is dry, you can still use conditioner daily while forgoing the shampoo. Properly drying your hair after a wash is also recommended, and you choose to air dry your hair whenever possible, as blow dryers can further remove natural moisture from your hair.

There’s a chance that your damaged hair has left you with unsightly split ends, which you should have trimmed. Having your split ends trimmed after a long Winter season will stop your hair’s growth from being restricted, and will make your hair appear vibrant and healthy. Regular moisturising of your hair and scalp using treatments like moisture masks and oils can effectively treat extremely dry and damaged hair and have long-term benefits in terms of the moisture levels on your scalp.

Take some lessons from Korean beauty circles

If there’s one thing we could all learn from Korean beauty experts, it’s how to maintain a healthy, gorgeous head of hair year-round. Korean beauty experts recommend starting at the scalp and working your way down when it comes to your hair. They also employ regular use of hair and scalp treatments, brushes, and specific dieting in order to attain more vibrant hair.

A popular tip in Korean beauty circles is regular scalp treatments, as keeping your scalp clean and in good condition is one of the best ways to promote healthy new hair growth – this can be done using scalp scalers, which act as an exfoliant for your scalp to remove dead skin. Scalp massages are also widely used, as these promote blood circulation and stimulate hair follicles at the root – this can be done at home using scalp massaging brushes or professionally. Other common Korean hair care tips include regular conditioning of the hair to give it some life and shine, using a hair and scalp mask up to once a week to treating dry hair, overnight treatments, and eating a healthier, more balanced diet low in processed and greasy foods.

Consider changing your diet and trying nutritional supplements

Since the health of your hair often reflects your overall health, it’s important to ensure that your body is getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs to thrive. One of the first steps to maintaining a healthy body is through your diet – eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables wherever possible can have major benefits for the health of your hair.

Nutritional supplements exist to ensure that your body is getting enough of the proper vitamins and nutrients needed for your hair to thrive. LQ’s Skin, Hair & Nails liquid health supplement is a delicious alternative to traditional health supplements, and contains key active ingredients such as vitamin C, biotin, selenium, and silicon.

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