Skincare tricks for Halloween - Skincare tricks for Halloween
Halloween skincare tips

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Skincare tricks for Halloween

Don’t let the Halloween magic trick your skin into looking lifeless. All the makeup and late night do’s take their toll on your skin.

1.Patch test

Ultimately you are going to be using a lot more products on your skin than you typically would create your Halloween look, Some products and makeup can cause your skin to flare up and give you rashes or acne. It’s a good idea to test products on the inside of your elbow, so you can be aware of any skin sensitivity and do all you can to protect.

2. Check your products

Glitter, body paint, glue, pigments, mascara, you are going to use all sorts of products to create your spooky look. Before applying to the skin, have a read to check the ingredients and be aware of what you are putting on your face and be aware of anything which may cause an allergy. One night of looking great isn’t work damaging your skin for months for.

3. Cleanse

No matter how late you stay out on Halloween Trick & Treating, you must remember to take your makeup off! You may want to wash makeup off with a flannel and hot water, before cleansing to ensure you remove all the heavy product. After cleansing, make sure to apply a thick, nighttime moisturiser. ┬áBy moisturising this will provide your skin won’t get dehydrated from all the heavy product and moisturisers work best at night when you are at rest.

4. Use a supplement

It’s a busy time of year, with all the parties, lack of sleep and sweet treats, it can take it’s toll on our skin and can lead to dehydration. It may be a good idea to add a supplement to your routine before the spooky night, such as Skin, Hair & Nails. It contains lots of skin loving ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid which is often referred to as natures moisturiser

5. Exfoliate

Products can be oily and thick especially if you’ve just body paint or glitter to create your look. Which is why we recommend exfoliating to remove any last traces of makeup and any dead skin cells!

We hope these tips help you take loving care of your skin, and we hope you have a blast this Halloween! What is your look this year? We’d love to see!

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