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More Powerful
One 50ml bottle can contain a powerful formula of up to 9 or more active ingredients.

Greater Concentrations
50ml liquid can contain up to 7,000mg of hydrolysed collagen plus key ingredients equal to 10 or more pills.

A Tastier Experience
A daily 50ml bottle is a great tasting start to the day. A handful of pills is not pleasant to take or easy to swallow..

More effective
Liquids have fast absorption rates, high optimisation rates and are more easily digestible than pills.

Our LQ research team has specially formulated liquid supplements that merge innovative science with quality ingredients with the aim of enhancing the consumer’s health and well-being. LQ Liquid Health supplements use high quality ingredients to create effective formulations with enhanced bioavailability. Packed full of 10-15 key active ingredients, each LQ product offers considerably more than the traditional pill.

Why take liquid supplements over pills?

Liquid health supplements are becoming an increasingly popular way to ingest important nutrients. They have faster absorption rates, higher optimisation rates and are more easily digestible, i.e. they have a higher bioavailability.

Bioavailability is a very important feature of any health supplement because it measures how much is actually absorbed into your system. The higher the bioavailability, the easier the supplement is to absorb and the greater the benefit from each dose. Whereas pills and capsules can take several hours to break down in the body, our LQ range of supplements are absorbed quickly allowing you to gain maximum advantage from the active ingredients much sooner.

A commonly cited source for the absorption rate of liquid vitamins is the Physician’s Desk Reference (Thomson Reuters 2008) which states that the body absorbs 98% of vitamins and other nutrients from supplements in a liquid vitamin, while those taken in pill form only offer a 3-20% absorption rate.

The LQ liquid format provides the consumer with an effective and convenient way to look after their health and wellbeing.

Quality ingredients

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality ingredients in our health supplements that have been selected based on clinical trials. We ensure that we can trace every ingredient we use from its source while carefully monitoring quality along the way. Our close attention to quality is only matched by our concern for your safety. We ensure that we meet European standards for health and safety throughout the formulation process. Providing you with an LQ range you can trust.

Innovative formulations

In each of our LQ Liquid Health products our team of scientists have combined multiple active ingredients that complement one another and target a different aspect of your well-being. The ingredients in our formulations have been hydrolysed, which allows us to include larger amounts of ingredients to maximise the efficacy of each drink.

For example, hydrolysed marine collagen, an ingredient in our Skin, Hair and Nails, Joint Care and Advanced Skin Care supplements, is delivered through peptides, which are easily absorbed into the body. Resveratrol, present in many of our supplements, is another example of an ingredient that works better in liquid form. Taking resveratrol in liquid form allows fast absorption in the body and increases the efficacy. It is because of our unique and innovative LQ formulations, combining quality ingredients with high bioavailability, that LQ products have such successful results.

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