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New Year beauty regime

New year, New you!

When January comes around, you may want to change up your beauty routine. Your skin may have suffered from lots of parties and not a lot of sleep, so you may find yourself needing a little bit extra care. It would be great to stay in party mode forever, but here’s how to hit the reset button on your life the easy way.

1. Get Radiant skin

Skin gets very dry during the long, dry winter months. We recommend you get a luminosity- enhancing serum. They are full of antioxidants like vitamin C, which bring dull complexions back to life.

We also recommend to get the gift of glowing skin this new year; why not sign up for a subscription of Skin, Hair & Nails. Our supplements are the perfect way to increase your skin radiance after the harsh winter, packed full of Collagen, Biotin, Hydraulic Acid and skin-loving ingredients, it is an excellent new year’s resolution that is easy to stick too.

2. Replace your lipstick

New year, new lipstick. A red lip colour will brighten up your face in a flash and make you feel ready to face the new year.

3. Clean your makeup brushes

Clean makeup brushes are essential for keeping your skin free from bacteria and any skin conditions. Makeup brushes work best when kept clean. You should try to find a convenient time in to wash your brushes as often as possible, using soap and water and swishing them around your palm is the easiest way.

new year beauty regime

4. Use an eye cream

All of us are guilty of using our face moisturiser all over, even round our eyes. However, this can heighten the risk of creating under eye bags. The skin under our eyes is 5- 10 times thinner than other areas, making it more likely to show areas of fatigue and ageing, so we do need to be more careful and use specific products.

5. Remove your makeup every night

Removing your makeup and cleansing your skin at night, eliminates not only cosmetics but also rids your skin of impurities and sebum which can accumulate during the day. By removing your makeup beforehand, it also helps your moisturiser do a better job for your skin, which is needed during the winter. Poorly cleansed skin often leads to blackheads, a dull complexion and even dry skin.

6. Don’t forget your body

So often we are so focused on our faces, we forget about the rest of our body. Try to show the same amount of love to all your skin, as often our hands and feet can suffer from the cold weather. Use a body scrub and body lotion regularly, particularly after showering.

7. Declutter

You may think to declutter your wardrobe in the new year, but you also should de-clutter your bathroom vanity too. You need to check for expired products or products you’ve had open for years. If you don’t remember when you brought it, best to get rid as you don’t know what damage this could do to your skin.

how to detox this new year

Now you’ve upped your beauty regime, how often should you wash your hair? 

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