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Liquid Collagen: The Benefits of Hydrolyzed Collagen

Collagen is an ingredient in many supplements, including supplements for skin and joint health. Collagen is a key ingredient in connective tissue, which includes joints, skin and hair. But does it make a difference if you take it in pill or liquid form?

Hydrolyzed collagen is the kind generally used in liquid collagen drinks, and we believe how it is delivered does make a difference. Here’s why.

What is hydrolyzed collagen?

Hydrolyzed collagen is a form of collagen that can be easily suspended in a liquid solution. It usually comes in a powdered form, and is also known as:

  • Gelatine
  • Collagen peptides
  • Collagen hydrolysate
  • Hydrolysed gelatine

It is usually produced from the connective tissue of animals. We prefer the kinder form of marine hydrolyzed collagen, which is sourced from fish and supplied to us by Peptan, a reliable European supplier of marine collagen. While you would think purchasing gelatin powder would be a cheap hack, it is a very different item and is not purpose-built for high bioavailability as Peptan is. It is also generally produced from pigs and cattle.

The benefits of hydrolyzed collagen

Hydrolyzed collagen’s largest benefit is its high bioavailability, which refers to the chance an ingredient has of making it into your system, and in turn delivering the ingredient to where it needs to go. The reason for the high bioavailbility is twofold; first, hydrolyzed collagen has smaller peptides than regular collagen, which speeds digestion.

When digestion is accelerated, there is more of a chance that the ingredient will make it to its destination. Collagen peptides are also more easily dissolved in liquid. Digesting a liquid instead of a solid takes far less time. Both factors – solubility in liquid and the reduced size of the peptides – make Peptan hydrolyzed collagen 90% bioavailable to your connective tissue, meaning that your body gets 90% of the ingredient within hours of taking it.

The safety of hydrolyzed marine collagen

The only potential health concern with hydrolyzed collagen is the kind of contamination you may see with meat products, such as bovine diseases. The use of marine collagen liquid instead of collagen from cows or pigs coupled with Peptan’s quality control ensure the safety of the ingredient.

Hydrolyzed marine collagen is a safer and more effective ingredient than other collagen forms you may see in supplements, and it is most bioavailable when taken in liquid form.

More info

Still have questions about collagen? We have pulled together all the questions people have and matched them to scientific studies to produce the Ultimate Guide to Collagen.

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