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Ken and Barbara, 70s

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Joint Care

It is very rewarding to find instances of parents learning from their offspring. Our youngest daughter, Helen lives in Paris with her family and her husband who is a few years older had been suffering recurring knee pains. Helen discovered LQ Liquid Health Joint Care and after only a few weeks Cedric felt like a new man with no further trace of his knee pains.

My wife and I are both in our mid 70s and have for many years suffered the aches and pains of old age in knees,hips and shoulders. I have had 4 hip replacements. (My surgeon joked that instead of putting in stitches he should have put in a zip.)

Given Helen and Cedric’s recommendations we both started taking the Liquid Health Joint Care supplement. As a result whilst we will not be looking to participate in the 2016 Olympics we are now in much better shape with the disappearance of almost all of our aches and pains.We would certainly recommend this supplement to all of all ages who suffer similar problems.

Ken and Barbara, 70s

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