Interview with Metro, Women's Health and Stylist Journalist - Mattie Lacey-Davidson -
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Interview with Metro, Women’s Health and Stylist Journalist – Mattie Lacey-Davidson

We sat down with Mattie, who is a successful journalist and blogger with words in Stylist, Metro and even Women’s Health, we chatted about how she got into her current role, who she sees as beauty icons and how she uses supplements to support her skin, hair and nails. Grab a cup of tea and read on.

1. What is your current role and how did you get into it?

I am a journalist (feature writer) for a company that owns several newspapers in and around London. I write all the features – travel, lifestyle, arts and events. They also hold a few lifestyle magazines, so I write for those. On top of this, I freelance and blog in my spare time, so I’m always writing for something. The travel is the best bit.
Unusually I studied religion at university, then worked in marketing. I always wanted to be a journalist, so I quit and studied the NCTJ, which you need to be a qualified journalist. It took a lot of interning, but eventually, I got my job where I started as a trainee before working up.

2. What’s the most challenging thing about working in journalism?

It is such a competitive industry, and there is a lot of content available now which means people pay freelancers less and need less staff. So it is hard to get your first job and then it can be hard to move around, unlike other professions where people jump from job to job and work their way up.
Too many people work for free, whether they’re an aspiring journalist or blogger trying to establish themselves, but this means the pay isn’t what it used to be. I wish people valued themselves more, whatever their circumstances everyone deserves to be paid.

3. Who do you see as the greatest beauty icon?

Oh, that’s a hard question. I’m not great at hair and makeup so that it would be a natural beauty… Maybe Brigitte Bardot – I wish my hair were that thick and lush.

4. What is something you wish you knew five years ago?

Things don’t happen overnight! Before getting my job as a journalist, I almost gave up. I also never thought blogging would get anywhere, so I saw it more as a hobby. If I knew then what I know now, I would have worked harder long ago and might be in a better place now. I also would have done a lot less worrying about my future.

5. What is your biggest skincare secret?

I don’t think it is much of a secret, but it’s all about sleep, diet and moisture (for me anyway, because I have dry skin).

6.One thing you would tell your younger self (beauty-wise)

Don’t smoke! And look after your skin from a young age, so it becomes a habit by the time you’re older and need to take care of it. I left it too late.

7. How does Skin, Hair & Nails fit into your daily routine?

I’m very aware of my diet for my body, but skin, hair and nails is a little trickier. I keep them in the bathroom, so I never forget or take a few away with me. Due to not looking after my skin when I was younger, it helps compensate for that.
My hair and nails have always been thin and weak, so it helps.

8. Travel is a huge part of your life – How do you keep up with your skincare routine?

An easy supplement like Skin, Hair & Nails makes keeping on top of things easy – especially when you don’t have access to the foods you’re used to. When I’m away, it is all about drinking water, using factor 50 SPF and drenching it with cream at night, relying on the supplements to ensure nutrition.
When I’m home I focus on my diet and at-home treatments like moisture masks.

Thank you, Mattie, for being part of our first interview series on our blog. 

You can follow Mattie at @mlaceyd on Instagram to keep up with all her travels.

Mattie has to change up her skincare when she travels, find out what effect sun exposure and collagen has on your skin. 

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