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how to shower for glowing skin

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How to shower for glowing skin

So you know the top preventive measures for ageing skin and how stress affects your skin but what about your shower routine? Are you aware of how to maximise your shower to keep skin looking glowing and beautiful? You need to take advantage of your time in the shower and that means maximising the benefit for your skin. Follow these shower tips to encourage more supple skin.

1. Remove makeup and dirt before

Remove any dirt and makeup with a cleanser before showering as harsh rubbing in the shower can cause skin irritation. Cleansing beforehand will provide a deeper “double” clean.

2. Avoid hot temperatures

Switching to a warm temperature can do wonders for the condition of your skin. Boiling water can cause skin and hair to dry out and strip them of their natural oils, not something that is to be encouraged. Lukewarm water is a great option also for your face and hair to protect these areas from dehydration.

3. Cleansing oil

If you often have makeup residue, a good option is a cleansing oil before showering. If you leave it on during the shower, it will begin working to break down grease and makeup. Allowing you to focus on other areas such as hair care. Follow up with a clay cleanser for maximum results.

4. Follow the correct order

It’s essential to wash your hair first and your face last thing, this is because chemicals from hir products will drip onto your face while you are in the shower. If you leave any shampoo on your skin, without cleaning it off, you may find yourself suffering from a breakout.

5. Don’t miss your scalp

Your scalp is skin too and needs to be well maintained. Why not try a scalp scrub before shampooing to clear out any dead skin cells and dry skin which can cause itching and irritation.

6. Ditch washcloths

You may like using your loofah or washcloths, but usually, they contain lots of bacteria which is going to end up on your skin. This bacteria will not be beneficial for your skin and may end up causing your skin to break out. Your hands are a better tool.

7. Keep showers short

This can be challenging but cutting down the length of time you are in the shower can be great for your skin. Spending lots of time in the water can cause dryness. The ideal amount of time to spend in the shower is between five to ten minutes, so aim for this length of time and save water while you are at it.

8. Shave your legs right

Shaving can be harsh on your skin, especially if you aren’t gentle. Keep these tips in mind to maintain beautiful skin.

  • Go Slowly
  • Prep legs with plenty of shaving cream
  • Rinse under running water regularly
  • Swap blades regularly (every five shaves to minimise irritation or cutting)

How about some DIY skincare?

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