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How to protect yourself against the cold weather

It is time to begin changing up your daily habits to prevent dry, chapped skin and to keep yourself fighting fit throughout the winter months. You want to be looking and feeling your best.

1. Block the winter sun

Winter sun is excellent for boosting your vitamin D levels and keeping you feeling positive and uplifted. However, it is easy to forget that skin can be damaged by UV rays even when the weather is cold. It’s vital to use suncream of at least factor 15 all year round to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

2. Protection in your home

You want to keep your home warm and cosy at this time of year, but don’t overdo it. The harsh transition from inside to outside can harm your skin and hair, and heating can dry out your skin. You may wish to invest in a humidifier if the air in your home is too dry.

3. Wrap up but be cautious

Layering up in the winter to keep your body comfortable and to keep off any winter chill, however, lots of fabrics such as wool can irritate the skin. Making pre-existing conditions such as Eczema worse. As skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema can flare up more in the winter, it’s important to speak to a dermatologist and wear materials which are gentle on your skin.

how to protect yourself against cold weather

4. Take a supplement

The best way to keep yourself at your best this winter is by starting every day with a supplement. Skin, Hair & Nails is perfect for adding some extra nutrients. This is especially important when your skin is lacking lustre due to the dry air, and your hair is feeling the effects of the cold weather. Skin, Hair & Nails also contains Vitamin C, which we all know is great for the immune system.

5. Swap sandwiches for soup

Hot foods and drinks are essential for this time of year, not only will they keep you warm but they also help to keep you hydrated which can reduce the risk of picking up a cough or cold. Drinking warm liquid can help to loosen congestion and stimulate the flow of mucus. You could also add your supplement to hot water and lemon in the winter. If you are looking for other healthy meal ideas, you can find out nutritious winter breakfast ideas here.

6. Drink more water

We tend to drink less water in the winter, in favour of hot drinks like hot chocolates and cups of tea to keep us warm, but don’t forget your skin needs even more hydration than in the summer months. If you are craving a hot drink, a little hot water with lemon is an excellent hydrating winter drink.

how to protect yourself this winter

7. Keep hair washing to a minimum

Hair washing every day or every other day can cause your hair to dry out, which is a huge reason for having more split ends in the colder months as the air is dryer. By washing your hair less, you also have to use less heat styling tools which can be very harsh on hair.

Interested in how often you should wash your hair, read our post here. 

8. Avoid hot showers

It can be tempting when you feel cold to jump into a boiling hot bath or shower. However, this can damage your scalp and skin. It can also strip your skin of moisture, meaning you could suffer badly from dry skin. Try and keep them to ten minutes and mid to lukewarm water.

how to protect yourself in winter

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