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How to get rid of split ends

Split ends – They ruin a ponytail, cause problems with brushing and are the wrong side of your blow dry. We all know how to get rid of them, book a haircut, but until you have time and are safely in the salon chair, we’ve put together some tips to help buy you some time. Split ends are the result of damage to your hair, so you need to reduce suffering to prevent them.

1. Use hair straighteners less.

Putting heat on your hair is the leading cause of split ends, due to the damage it causes. Try to use hair straighteners less and opt for a different style. If you need to put heat on your hair, make sure you buy a thermal heat protection spray and try not to brush hair too aggressively as this can cause hair to split.

how to prevent split ends

2.  Ditch the pony-tail

Ponytails are the worst for your hair, especially if you are using a tight elastic band. Invisibobbles are the most gentle on your hair and the best to use, as don’t cause damage when removed.

If you are looking for some easy hairstyles, we’ve put together a list of our favourites here.¬†

3. Change the way you wash your hair

A super easy solution to help with split ends is to make sure your shower is directly above you so it wet’s your hair in the direction it grows. Hair when wet, is more elastic which leads it to be more prone to breakage.

4. Brush

Brushing your hair while wet in the shower can save on having to pull at the hair later. Use a Tangle Teezer and towel dry. If you start at the tips of the hair and work up to avoid any breakage when brushing the hair.

5. Take a Supplement

A great way to prevent split ends is by keeping your hair in the best condition. A supplement like Skin, hair & nails has essential nutrients such as Biotin to keep your hair healthy.

6. Use a hair oil

A hair oil or mask is great to apply to any split ends, if you have an occasion you need to disguise them for. They act like glue, giving a more nourished appearance and smoothing down any flyaway hairs. Oils and masks are also very nourishing so will be of benefit to your hair at the same time.

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