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How to change up your skincare for Autumn

You have to change up your wardrobe every season, so this shouldn’t it be the same for your skincare routine. In preparation for Autumn, we all start buying jumpers and coats, but very few people change their skincare routine to keep skin radiant as the weather cools down.

Here are our top tips on what you should be doing as the seasons’ change.


To keep skin glowing, you need to remove any dead skin cells. The best way to do this is with a product that contains Lactic acid. Exfoliating is a mild but highly effective way of doing it. It’s important to exfoliate skin as when the weather cools, and it becomes prone to dryness. When this happens, we layer upon moisturiser which causes the skin to look dull, so by exfoliating you remove this build up of skin.

How often?
Introduce this into your routine once or twice a week during Autumn.

2. Moisturise

When there is a chill in the air, all skin types can benefit from some extra moisture. Use a rich repairing cream overnight that is full of antioxidants, as this is the best time to repair the skin. If you wear moisturiser all year round, brisk winds and cooler temperatures usually mean you will need to switch to a heavier moisturiser with more hydrating ingredients at this time of year. Otherwise, a BB cream may suit you for day use.

autumn skincare

3. Up the Vitamin C

A vitamin C serum is a great product to include in your daily skin care routine as it has so many benefits such as reducing inflammation, keeping skin looking younger and even speed up the natural skin healing process.

4. Don’t forget your lips

Nobody want’s dry, chapped lips, so a lip balm with SPF is essential.

autumn skincare

5. Avoid Toners

Most toners contain alcohol, an ingredient which is very drying. Pair this with windchill, and you will dry out and damage your skin. Instead, swap your toner for oil which will provide more hydration and help reduce acne.

6. Take Supplements

Adding a supplement to your diet, such as Skin, Hair & Nails is a good idea when the weather turns colder, as it will help keep your skin hydrated and nourished from the inside. We suggest supplements like collagen, selenium, vitamin c and biotin as this contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin. All of these and more are in our Skin, Hair & Nails supplement, which has been scientifically designed to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. Especially handy as the weather begins to chill down.

We want to keep your skin looking it’s best, so read our article on the factors that cause wrinkles, which have nothing to do with ageing. You might be surprised at some of the results!

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