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how to change up your hair routine for spring

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How to change up your hair routine for spring

With Winter behind us and brighter days setting in, you may be looking to give your hair a refresh. The cold can affect your hair, so we have put together some tips on how to increase hydration and get yourself the shiny locks you are dreaming of.

Update your shampoo

It’s important to check you are using the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. If you are not sure which will help you the most, you can always ask next time you are at the salon what they recommend. We recommend you wash your hair every 2-3 days with the rinse and repeat method for maximum effectiveness.

Take care from the inside out

There are two ways to look after your hair from the inside. The first step is to add a liquid supplement to your morning routine. Skin, hair & nails is scientifically formulated to provide your hair with the nutrients it needs. Thus making it easy to look after your hair. It’s also essential to increase your water intake to keep your locks looking in the best condition.

Book in a trim

It’s more than likely, the brisk air has caused dry hair or even split ends. So booking yourself in for a haircut is a great place to start in boosting the overall condition of your hair. If you are looking for help with split ends, you can read our tips to reduce them. 

Use a serum

Spring typically means one thing for hair, the return of the frizz. Through adding a serum to your routine, you can look at combating this. Apply before blow drying to seal the hair cuticle and prevent flyaways.

Beat the April showers

Hairstyles that can survive the rain are a great find during this time of year, especially if you always forget your umbrella. Braids are a great option or even a top knot, and this style won’t lead to frizz. If you do get caught in a shower it will also keep hair off your face. These styles don’t have to look perfect, the messier and textured the better, use bobby pins to secure and you will be ready to face the day.

Lighten up

If you do colour your hair – Spring is the perfect time to swap for a lighter colour. Maybe opt for a balayage for a sun-kissed glow. It’s a great way to revitalise your look for a new season.

Let hair dry naturally

We all know using heat on your hair can lead to dryness so why not take the opportunity to let hair air dry after washing? By avoiding using a hair dryer, you can help prevent the breaking down of cuticles and avoid brittle hair.


We hope this has helped you with ways to get your locks in the best condition. If you are looking to get thicker hair – read our top 10 foods to boost hair thickness here. 



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