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how often should you wash your hair

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How often should you wash your hair?

 It’s a question, which no one knows the answer too right? How often do you need to wash your locks to keep them in the best condition! Please read on to find out.

Finding the perfect schedule to keep hair looking and feeling it’s best is such a hard question, its the third most searched ‘How often should I..’ on Google. Wash it too much, and it will become dry and don’t wash it enough, and it will be lacklustre.

Cleaning it every day will result in less moisture as it strips the hair of natural oils which it needs to stay healthy.

If you wash your hair once or twice a week, it will adapt to this after a few weeks. By using gentle products, will mean you can have healthy locks which you don’t need to wash often.

how often should you wash your hair?

Got dry hair?

Dry hair should be washed a maximum of two times a week. As washing strips it of natural oils, which give us the moisture it needs. Be sure to use shampoo which is designed for a dry scalp and contains sulphate – free surfactants.

Got Oily hair?

You will need to wash it most days. Use shampoo that is extra mild and has no conditioning agents, as you don’t need the excess oil.

Got curly hair?

You are fortunate, as curly hair doesn’t tend to look as greasy so quickly so 2-3 times a week is perfect for keeping it at it’s best.


You need to limit washing to no more than twice a week, If you want to avoid the stripping of colour. Often brunette’s feel their hair goes a ‘mousy brown’ shade, caused by over washing, making it dehydrated and drawing the pigment out, but you can help this by taking a supplement.


In Conclusion, there’s no right answer, everyone is different, and you need to do what’s right for you. If you are worried your hair is getting damaged by hair washing, taking a supplement such as Skin, Hair & Nails will help with this problem as it contains Biotin, which is known for keeping hair strong and healthy.

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