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holiday beauty essentials

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Holiday beauty essentials

Packing for a summer holiday can be hard thanks to the strict baggage allowance, we need a lot of multi-use beauty products and lightweight skincare to ensure you are beach ready. Read our Summer beauty essentials.

1. A day cream with SPF.

We all know the importance of keeping your skin safe from the Sun, and we also know how much the sun can cause your skin to lose moisture, so a product that keeps your skin moisturised but also stops you getting burnt is a win-win in our books.


2. After Sun

Fallen asleep on the sun lounger? Couldn’t reach your back? It happens, you need aftersun, the best varieties contain Aloe Vera. Aloe vera has excellent calming and cooling properties so skin should be feeling relieved.


3. Supplements

Ideally, you want to keep your skin and hair care products to a minimum when travelling. Which is why taking a 10-day pack of LQ Skin, Hair & Nails with you is ideal as they contain key, natural ingredients and marine collagen which help to maintain skin, hair, and nails. With all these ingredients treating your body from the inside out, you don’t need to worry about skincare and hair care routines. You can enjoy your holiday, and you know your holiday beauty essentials are taken care of.


Holiday beauty essentials


4. Hair Oil

You don’t want to take all your hair products with you, so a good hair oil will nourish hair and should contain ingredients designed to stop the harsh impact of UV rays, meaning your hair will be shiner and less likely for the colour to fade.


5. SPF Lip Salve

Because burnt lips would be the worst, this is essential.


6. A red nail polish

Red nail polish is just what you need in your holiday beauty essential. Skin, Hair & Nails contains Selenium which contributes to the maintenance of healthy nails. Everyone wants chip free, strong nails for their holidays so pair the supplement with an ever on-trend red nail, and you will be polished for your whole trip.


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