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Gym beauty hacks

We all know working out is beneficial for overall health. However, all the movement, heat and sweat can affect your skin and hair. So if you have no time, maybe you are running straight to the office after your workout, but want your hair and skin to look their best, these tips are for you.


When you’ve just finished your workout, it’s a great time to exfoliate. Sweat opens your pores, which means it is easier to wash away impurities and dirt. It’s best not to leave your skin with bacteria and dirt from exercising. You can also add this into your morning and evening routine, so you aren’t increasing dry skin by over washing.

Cold shower

If you do have time for a post-workout shower, make sure you have a quick blast of cold water. The cold water will help lower your core body temperature which can help you stop sweating. This, in turn, can prevent any redness from the body and care for sensitive skin.

Wash your face

If you only do one thing post gym, this is it. If you leave the sweat to dry on your skin without washing off, the sweat can become cakey on the surface. This can lead to skin irritation, redness and even blemishes, not something you want to happen after you have had a great workout. You don’t need to carry your whole skincare collection to the gym, opt for natural products that are quick on time. Face wipes, cleansing water and your supplements are all you need. You can clean skin and then provide the nutrients you need to begin the repair process.

Use a toner

Post-exercise redness is a common problem, which can be an issue if you are going somewhere straight after. A great option is a toner, or a toner mist, which can cool the face down and give an instant refresh.

Prepare your hair

Ideally, you don’t want to have to wash your face every time you workout as this can cause hair to be brittle. Instead, you need to make sure you prepare for your workout, use a texturising spray and opt for a braid to keep hair out of your face. When you take your hair out of the braid, the spray will work with the sweat to give you lose, messy waves.

How often should you wash your hair?

Post workout smoothie

You need to keep your body hydrated and make sure it has all the protein and nutrients like collagen and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin, hair and nails looking their best. Why not add a collagen supplement to your morning smoothie? It is high in protein, so can help replace that horrible whey shake!

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Use moisturiser

Even though you don’t feel like it after you exercise, your skin needs to be quenched with the moisture. During exercise water is lost, so moisturising is essential to replace this. Also, don’t forget your whole body and not just your face! If you do suffer from breakouts after working out, make sure you select an oil-free moisturiser.

gym beauty tips

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