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The Health Benefits of Drinking Your Collagen

Collagen makes up the majority of protein in the human body and is a vital building block of many components of our bodies, including skin and joints. So what happens when the body stops producing as much of it as we need?


As the body ages, collagen levels drop and the body begins to show the effects. To reduce these effects and replace lost collagen it is becoming increasingly popular to turn to collagen supplements – particularly collagen you can drink.


What is collagen?

The average human body contains approximately twenty percent protein, and of this protein about thirty percent is collagen. It is a fundamental part of what keeps the body strong, and is found in skin, bones, nails, and all connective tissue. As we age we produce less collagen and this causes wrinkles, weakness, as well as general aches and pains. For these reasons many people turn to collagen supplementation. as well as ointments that are applied to the skin.


Collagen ointments

A popular method for replacing lost collagen is to apply collagen ointments to the skin. While applying collagen creams on injured areas of the skin could be helpful, it is hard to measure the effectiveness of collagen being absorbed through the skin.


Collagen drinks

While collagen ointments work by soaking into the skin, collagen drinks, or hydrolysed collagen, work from the inside out. Hydrolysed collagen contains 20 amino acids, including eight of the nine essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce naturally.


The best liquid collagen supplement for skin

While the creams may appear to be more effective for skin since that’s where they are applied, collagen drink supplements work from the inside of the body. When it comes to bones, hair, and nails, collagen ointments would have little to no impact because they never come into contact with these areas of the body. Collagen drinks allow collagen supplementation to be effective throughout the whole body.


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