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Collagen and Healthy Aging

The aging process is a reality for every living thing, and something that everyone wrestles with. Over the years, attitudes towards aging have drastically changed as a new generation of seniors brings with it modern views towards physical and mental health, and increasing acceptance and adoption of technology and new trends. Rather than living with chronic conditions, younger seniors have taken to being proactive in the prevention of age-related medical problems.

A healthier approach to aging

With the new generation of senior citizens adopting modern views, societal outlook on the aging process has transformed in a positive way, embracing healthy lifestyles, beneficial technologies, and putting an increased focus on proper nutrition. Many seniors are now leading healthier, more active lives in order to ward off many of the chronic conditions that come with aging. These new attitudes and lifestyle adjustments will see seniors leading longer, healthier lives and being proactive about putting off many of the chronic conditions that can come with aging – creating a much happier and healthier generation of seniors.

Getting more comfortable with old age

A population more accepting of the aging process and approaching it in a more proactive manner means that people are overall growing more comfortable with the idea of old age – even if the growth continues to be slow in comparison to traditional Asian beliefs regarding the aging process. This means that the aging population is more comfortable with trying things like nutritional solutions and supplements targeted towards seniors, especially if it means temporarily warding off common signs of aging such as joint and bone problems, sagging or wrinkling skin, and age-related diseases.

The reality of aging

As we grow older, we start to show classic signs of aging that include dramatic changes to our skin, bones, joints, hair, muscles, and other major parts of our bodies. This is largely because our natural production of collagen, an important structural protein found in connective tissues, bones, skin, tendons, and elsewhere. A halt in the natural production of collagen means that our tissues are far less efficient in the regeneration and repairing processes, causing our skin to wrinkle and sag, hair to thin and fade, and joints and bones to experience increasingly common aches and pains.

Potential seen in collagen supplements

Since the slow down in our natural collagen production leads in part to some of the most common signs of aging, many seniors are looking towards the potential held by nutritional supplements that offer a boost to the body’s natural collagen stores. In the hopes of combating many of the signs of aging, more and more seniors have begun to restore some of their lost collagen with nutritional supplements such as LQ’s Joint Care supplement, which contains Peptan marine collagen. It also contains vitamin C, which aids in the natural production of collagen.

Through proper dieting and nutritional supplements in conjunction with more active lifestyles and positive views towards aging, seniors can live longer, healthier lives without worrying about some of the common chronic conditions associated with old age.

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