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Smoothies are much more than a passing fad, especially since those who drink them realize quickly that they are not just delicious, but a great way to get vitamins and minerals that you may not otherwise. But did you know adding certain ingredients to your smoothies can help with certain conditions? While doing so won’t cure them by any means, every little bit helps.

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Ginger has stood the test of time in the East, being wildly popular in Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian cuisine and everyday life. Most people are familiar with ginger’s popularity as a spice, and its use in teas, juices, and meals, but did you know that many in the East use ginger root to treat specific conditions?

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Joint & bone care is so important, especially if you live an active lifestyle! It’s just as important as the training you do & the food you eat to look after your body.

It isn’t until you have an injury yourself, that you really put this into perspective. Last year I pulled something in my back, simply by picking up a barbell without thinking & taking all the strain with my back. At the time I just thought that oops – that was bad form! But a week later, my back was in BITS! It took a couple of months to properly repair itself, meanwhile I was so limited to the exercise that I could do.

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Foods to Help Arthritis


If you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or you are considered to be at risk , it is important to know what you can do to lessen your symptoms. The most effective way to reduce the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis, as well as combating the symptoms, is weight management and eating the right food.

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LQ Joint Care

Glucosamine 101: What Glucosamine Does

If there is one thing guaranteed to make us feel tired, old and less-than-wonderful – it’s joint problems. From mobility issues, to pain during movement; when our joints aren’t healthy, it’s only too easy to slip into a more sedentary, less active lifestyle which can trigger a decline in health.

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