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Smoothies are much more than a passing fad, especially since those who drink them realize quickly that they are not just delicious, but a great way to get vitamins and minerals that you may not otherwise. But did you know adding certain ingredients to your smoothies can help with certain conditions? While doing so won’t cure them by any means, every little bit helps.

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Summer is the best time of year for enjoying the sun. Lying on a beach, getting the family outdoors, and outdoor workouts and runs are just some of the ways we enjoy it. But the sun and heat can present problems for your skin, which are easily defended against with some sunscreen and a rock-solid cleaning regimen.

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What You Can Do About Hair Loss

Hair loss is extremely common and experts are constantly searching for new to slow or prevent the progress of balding. 40% of men age 35 will have noticeable hair loss and it only becomes more prevalent with age, and while women are less commonly affected, 80% will show hair loss symptoms by age 60.

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collagen supplement helps to protect from sun

In the UK, the summer is a time to be cherished. For a fleeting few weeks every year, the clouds part and the sun is there for all to see. After the long, dark winters, and disappointingly damp springs, it’s hardly surprising that we head out in our droves to soak up the sun’s rays while we can. And, while all this UV light might be incredibly good for the soul, it’s not quite so good for your skin or collagen levels.

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The Role of Collagen in the Skin

Profound changes occur in the skin during aging, the dermis being the site of the most substantial histological and biological changes.

While the skin continues to synthesise collagen fibres, the production of new ones declines over time.
Collagen synthesis in the fibroblasts (which are the body’s natural collagen producers) decreases for two reasons: a decrease in the rate of fibroblast renewal with age and an associated decrease in the amount of collagen secreted by these cells.

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LQ healthy skin

LQ nutritional expert Helen Drake gives her advice on how to maintain healthy skin, looking at external factors and how to keep your skin healthy from within.

Over the period of our lives our skin is exposed to a multitude of stressors such as UV light, pollution, cosmetics not to mention things we consume such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar or simply a lack of water and nutrients.

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Liquid Health Supplements - LQ Liquid Health

Japan is a world leader in inventive technology in all sorts of areas. In recent years, the range of anti-aging products on the market has been a huge area of expansion in the Japanese market The innovation that has brought this surge is a new wave of liquid health supplements the Japanese drink to supplement their diet.

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Good Skin with LQ Skin Hair & Nails

The world can be a harsh place sometimes, especially for our skin. From pores plagued by pollution, chapped skin from strong winds, to premature ageing caused by UV damage, our skin has to stand up to a lot in everyday life. That’s why it’s so important to give it the care it deserves with easy changes like getting sleep or eating foods good for skin.

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