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Smoothies are much more than a passing fad, especially since those who drink them realize quickly that they are not just delicious, but a great way to get vitamins and minerals that you may not otherwise. But did you know adding certain ingredients to your smoothies can help with certain conditions? While doing so won’t cure them by any means, every little bit helps.

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Summer is the best time of year for enjoying the sun. Lying on a beach, getting the family outdoors, and outdoor workouts and runs are just some of the ways we enjoy it. But the sun and heat can present problems for your skin, which are easily defended against with some sunscreen and a rock-solid cleaning regimen.

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Ginger has stood the test of time in the East, being wildly popular in Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian cuisine and everyday life. Most people are familiar with ginger’s popularity as a spice, and its use in teas, juices, and meals, but did you know that many in the East use ginger root to treat specific conditions?

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