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beauty secrets from your mum

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Beauty secrets you can learn from your mum

It’s mothers day, so we thought it was only right to pay tribute to our mothers and share the top beauty secrets you can learn from your mum. Keep reading to find out some lessons from mums on ageing gracefully!

Take time to pamper yourself

Mum’s are usually very minimal when it comes to beauty. One makeup bag and some moisturiser is usually it, yet they still manage to look glamorous. The secret: sleep! It’s important to take time out for you to relax and ensure you get enough sleep. Sleep is essential for your skin, as it’s when your body and skin can heal itself and restore.

Live a healthy lifestyle

Mum’s recognise the importance of a good skincare routine, and we don’t know about you but our mum’s ensured we started and stuck to one from a young age. Growing up, we watched our mums looking after their skin, by always drinking enough water, eating a healthy diet while staying active.

Never forget to cleanse

“Always take your makeup off before bed” – this was a message that has been installed in us from a young age. Be sure that your evening skincare routine is on point and you exfoliate your skin at least once a week to remove skin cells allow the surface to be breathable.


Over the year’s, we’ve been taught that less is more when it comes to beauty. However, SPF is something that our mums never sacrifice and still make sure their face cream has a high factor in it. SPF and an excellent mascara is a great choice for Spring when you want to opt for a lighter look.

Use a supplement

One of the critical factors of our mum’s beauty routine was to ensure skin has all the nutrients and vitamins it needs. A supplement is a great choice to ensure your skin is getting all it needs. Our Skin, hair and nails supplement is scientifically formulated to support you from the inside out, with key active ingredients such as collagen and biotin.

Look after yourself emotionally

Beauty starts from within, so taking care of you is a great place to start. It’s important to listen to how you feel. If you need some self-care, take it.

Invest in your skin

You will never regret investing in good skincare that is going to look after your skin. Your skin can’t be replaced, so finding products that work for you are worth purchasing.


So the key factors we have learnt from our mums is to find a good skincare routine, invest in your skincare products, eat a healthy diet and use a supplement. Let’s celebrate all the beautiful things we have learnt from our mums this Mothers day!


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