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Ageing hair​: What happens as you get older?

Anti-ageing isn’t just for your skin, you also need to think about your hair. Premature ageing can be caused by lots of factors including lifestyle, hair care, hormones and genetics. Keep reading to see what happens to hair as you age. Plus some tips and tricks to prevent against premature ageing.


With age, we lose fullness from our hair. Hair follicles shrink with age, so fewer hairs grow and those that do are thinner. You may find your hair can look flat and lifeless and may be harder to style as you get older. Try asking your hairdresser to add short layers to frame your face and give the illusion of a fuller style.

You can add a hair supplement to your routine to ensure you are getting the nutrients your hair may be lacking. LQ Liquid Health’s skin, hair and nails supplement contains collagen – a natural protein in the body and biotin which contributes to healthy hair maintenance.

Rough and Coarse

If you do suffer from premature ageing, you may have noticed the ends of your hair becoming drier and less smooth to the touch. This is most likely due to the alterations of the surface layer of the hair fibre and modifications to the structure of the cuticle. This can be helped by caring for your hair effectively and adapting the products you use.

Some tips for caring for your hair

  • Get regular trims
  • Take hair supplements
  • Avoid washing your hair every day
  • Cut down on heated styling
  • Turn down shower temperature

How often should you wash your hair? 

Hair loses colour

Your hair will turn grey or white as you age, due to less Melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives our hair colour. Melanin is produced by the hair follicles, which shrink as we grow older. As you get older, the loss of vibrant colour is the first sign to notice before the total loss of colour. This can’t be avoided unless you dye your hair – however, we say embrace your new look.

Dry scalp

The scalp remains nourished and healthy due to sebum which keeps the scalp moisturised and hydrated. As we grow older sebum production slows down which can result in discomfort in the scalp and more brittle hair. A healthy diet and lifestyle can be of benefit in helping here.

Top 10 foods for healthy hair 

Weaker hair

Hair growth remains pretty consistent throughout our life; however, the cycles of hair growth can become shorter. Which can mean hair doesn’t grow as long as you want it too and can be weaker, which leads to hair loss. Spend time treating your hair once a week with a hair mask – you can even make your hair masks here. 

Make sure you are looking after your hair as you age – and embrace the changes your hair goes through.


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