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About Us

Leaders in Liquid Health Supplements

LQ Liquid Health Supplements are scientifically formulated and manufactured by Nutraformis Limited. Founded and registered in the UK in 2013 the business has established itself as a leader in the liquid health supplements market. The business has established distribution for the LQ range in Boots, Holland & Barrett, Victoria Health, 100% Health and on Amazon in the UK and in Europe.

The Liquid Supplement Market

The European and US markets have traditionally both been dominated by pill and capsule supplements, however in Japan and the Far East the common form for supplements is in liquid form. Liquids offer significant advantages over pills; they can contain substantially more key ingredients, are absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly and are much easier to consume.

LQ – Innovative and Effective

With the corporate mantra of ‘redefining the supplement market’ Nutraformis has developed a range of liquid supplements that provides the UK and European consumer with innovative and highly effective products which offer significantly more than the traditional pill supplement market.

The LQ Liquid Supplement range is scientifically formulated to be the best supplement range on the market in terms of efficacy, quality of formula and quantity of key active ingredients. For all LQ products the focus is to improve the quality of the customer’s life both physically and emotionally. The business is proud of the effectiveness of the LQ formulations and this is supported by the feedback and positive reviews from the LQ customer on independent retailer platforms.

Our LQ research team has specially formulated liquid supplements that merge innovative science with quality ingredients with the aim of enhancing the consumer’s health and well-being. LQ Liquid Health supplements use high quality ingredients to create effective formulations with enhanced bioavailability. Packed full of 10-15 key active ingredients, each LQ product offers considerably more than the traditional pill.

Dedication to Health and Safety

LQ Liquid Health using only the highest quality ingredients in our health supplements that have been selected based on clinical trials. We ensure that we can trace every ingredient we use from its source while carefully monitoring quality along the way. Our close attention to quality is only matched by our concern for your safety.

Nutraformis ensures that all LQ products meet European standards for health and safety throughout the formulation process. Products are reviewed both internally and externally by a leading independent regulatory body, providing the customer with an LQ range you can trust.

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