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10 tips for a productive January

New year, new goals. It is January, and it is time to hit reset on your life and start afresh. A new year and new month can help you achieve your dreams and maximise your productivity. Here are our 10 tips to increase productivity.

Spend time outside

Getting outside lets you soak up some vitamin D, even when it’s cold and miserable. Getting out leaves you feeling more refreshed and reminds you that spring isn’t far away. It also ensures you take breaks which lead to being more productive.

Set goals

Even if you are feeling a bit blue after the end of the holiday period, the new year is the perfect time to set up some goals for 2019. Setting goals will give you a clear focus in your work and personal life. Break your goals into manageable chunks and make sure they are achievable. This will maximise your chance of fulfilling them.

Change up your skincare routine

Those products that have been on the back of the shelf for longer than you remember are probably not what your skin needs right now. So January is the perfect time for a refresh. How do you know when to change up your skincare routine you may wonder? We’ve answered that here.

One of the significant skincare trends for 2019 is using multitasking products, as your time is short and you want products that target more areas. A liquid supplement such as skin, hair & nails is perfect to add to your routine this January.

“Spring” Clean

Whether it’s your home or your office, January is the perfect time to have a clear out. Organise your documents and get ready for a new year. A clean will help get your mind prepared for the fresh start and help you to feel less overwhelmed.

Eat for your brain

‘You are what you eat’. To be the best you can be this January, you need to pack your diet full of superfoods, high in healthy fats, such as salmon and avocado. It is also important to make sure you are eating plenty of dark green vegetables like kale. You need to make sure not to skip breakfast. We have put some healthy and easy breakfast ideas together for you here. It’s crucial you are eating well to get all the necessary vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Have a social media detox

On average, a person spends one hour and 40 minutes per day browsing social media. Time which could be put to better use. It could be getting a job done, exercising, me time, or just reading a good book. All better for you than an insta binge.


We all know exercise is going to make you healthier. However, it also helps our brains working better. Exercise releases endorphins which help us feel happier. Exercising can help take your mind off whatever has happened or is going to happen in your day. Don’t forget that your brain needs the time out too.

how to have a productive January

Wake up earlier

Starting your day early does amazing things for your productivity levels. You will be surprised how much you can get done with no distractions. In addition to this, it is likely to be the time of day when your brain is most alert, so long as you are getting a good night sleep.

Make decisions

Adopting an approach to answering questions with yes or no can save a lot of valuable time and speed up the decision making. Making decisions rather than leaving them for later means you can then focus your attention on what matters.

Shorten your to-do list

By reducing the number of things on your list, it will allow you to focus your energy on priority items. Focusing on what needs to be done today, and breaking big tasks into smaller ones, makes it more likely that you will complete the items on your list. Make sure you are evaluating what tasks are urgent, and you will achieve everything you set out to.

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