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Stay Limber: How to Care for Your Joints as You Age

As we age, problems associated with joints can start to take their toll, as a lifetime of wear and tear combines with depleting collagen and cartilage levels in our bodies to make joints stiff, uncomfortable and even painful – reducing our mobility.

But if you are losing some of the spring from your step, all is not lost! There are lots of different ways you can reduce, slow, prevent and even reverse some of the effects the ageing process has on your joints in addition to taking supplements for joint health. Here are a few approaches to consider:

    1. 1. Losing weight

    One of the very best lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk of developing joint issues is losing weight (or maintaining a healthy BMI). For every extra pound you carry, your knees feel four times the pressure. In fact, the effect of an unhealthy weight on your knees means that shedding 11 pounds cuts your chances of developing osteoarthritis of the knee by 50%. This is not something which can be countered easily by taking supplements for joint health but should only be undertaken after first consulting your doctor.

      2. Staying fit

    The fitter you keep your body, the healthier your joints will typically be. A strong, healthy body will help you support your joints with good posture and well-developed muscle groups, taking some of the strain from your joints.Experts recommend you undertake a varied course of exercise to benefit your joints, mixing low-impact activities (like swimming and cycling), with strength-building activities (like weights) and stretching exercises (like yoga and pilates).

      3. Eating well

    Eating a varied, balanced diet that is free of nasty stuff is great for whole body health – and great for your joints specifically too. There are lots of ingredients which are naturally rich in joint health-boosting vitamins and substances. Ensuring you get a healthy amount of things like omega-3 rich fish, calcium-rich dairy and vitamin C-packed fruit could help keep your joints in better shape.

      4. Taking care

    From regularly wearing high heels (which exert serious strain on feet and knees), to having bad posture at work, there are lots of things we do in our daily lives which can take a serious toll on our joints in the long run. Investing in comfortable, supportive shoes, working to improve your posture, ensuring you lift heavy objects with the correct technique, cutting down on caffeine and quitting smoking will all make a positive difference to your overall health and your joint health as well.

      5. Taking supplements

    It’s not always easy to consume all of the ingredients which are best for your joints in the ideal dosage. A liquid health supplement is an easy way to boost your body’s levels of joint health-enhancing natural substances.

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