Scientifically formulated liquid heart care supplement to support cardiovascular health. Each daily 50ml bottle is packed full of 9 key active ingredients including beta glucan, resveratrol, green tea extract and lycopene.
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Our Key Ingredients

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Beta Glucan

Beta Glucan is a soluble dietary fibre most commonly found in ingredients like oats, wheat, bran and barley – all of which are recommended for healthy diets.


Prevalent in Mediterranean diets which are known to be healthy, tomatoes are especially rich in a carotenoid called lycopene.


Found in the skin of red grapes and naturally occurring in many raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, resveratrol is a natural phenol responsible for red wine’s reputation as a healthier choice. Our resveratrol is sourced from grape seeds.

Green Tea

Green tea’s benefits don’t stop at a healthy cup or three. This popular beverage contains high levels of Eipgallocatechin Gallate, (better known as EGCG) which is a powerful polyphenol catechin. By improving helping to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels and helping to preserve the elasticity of blood vessels, this substance is thought to be an effective natural ingredient for better heart health.

Additional ingredients

Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

Thiamine is a vitamin that occurs naturally in a range of common foodstuffs including pork, cereals and kidney beans. However, modern food preparation often reduces the amount of B1 we consume. Vitamin B1 plays a crucial role in the normal function of the heart.

Vitamins C & E

Both of these vitamins are considered important vitamins to support heart health. They both contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Vitamin B6

This B-compound vitamin is essential to maintaining a healthy diet, which is often prescribed for heart patients. It contributes to the formation of normal red blood cells and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.


Also known as folic acid, folate is found in foods including dark, leafy greens, lentils and asparagus. It is required in the normal production of red blood cells.

As part of the LQ Liquid Health range of supplements, LQ Heart Care includes quality ingredients with enhanced bioavailability, to ensure you gain the optimal advantage from our active ingredients much faster than pill or capsule formulations.

LQ Heart Care – supporting your heart from within